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“My daughter Kara, age 10, loves art.  We are so happy to have found Erin of Artistic Endeavors through a business card that i found one day at Carvel!  Erin is a talented, patient and wonderful teacher.  She offers a variety of classes, after school time slots and affordable tuition.  Her cozy, clean studio is conveniently located on East Main Street in Little Falls.  

Kara has been a student for about a little over a year and has learned quite a bit.  Erin’s teaching style is tailored to each students ability as she will not do the work for the student.  Kara does all her own, original work under the careful guidance of “Miss Erin.”  Kara has been involved with weekly acrylic painting classes after school, where she creates the most surprising works of art I could ever imagine.  In my desire to display her creativity at home, I have requested some of her completed work to be framed and Erin cheerfully obliged.  She compliments each completed canvas with a coordinating custom frame of her choice and frames it at which I pay her the cost of the frame.  Last year at the studio, Erin held her first annual Artistic Endeavors art show.  Kara was proud to take part in this showcase where all students of Miss Erin were able to show their best pieces and win specific awards.  It was a great show and a fun time for all.  My daughter also attended a week long Art Camp session during the summer.  She completed a nice acrylic portrait and a miniature piece as a bonus, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  My daughter has also attended Artistic Endeavors first ever Google Workshop last year and plans on sitting in on the upcoming Google Workshop very soon ( and perhaps her 2 younger siblings will as well).  She is currently taking up drawing classes with Miss Erin.  

I also inquired if Erin would do a painting of my son as an infant from a photo with a particular background.  She was able to draft a design per my specifications and include some of her thoughts and ideas as options to me, present it to me in a timely fashion and thereafter with a go ahead plus a deposit, the work began.  She had completed it with brilliant results and I was happy!  Thank you Miss Erin for all you do to nurture Kara’s artistic talents and sharing your gifts!!”

~Tricia, Kara’s Mom

“My son has attended Artistic Endeavors for over a year now and has expanded his art skills.  One of his biggest accomplishments was a drawing in black/white of his father’s Harley Davidson motorcycle.  My husband and I cherish this work of art and have it displayed in our family room.  He would not have been able to accomplish this without Erin’s gentle guidance and encouragement!

Erin is a wonderful, friendly person and always make you feel welcomed in her art studio.  She is very dedicated to her profession and to the students that come to learn from her.  I highly recommend Artistic Endeavors!”

~ Deborah, Cory’s Mom

“My twin boys started painting classes with Erin at 5 years old.  I was obviously a little nervous;  they can be a handful!  

Luckily right from the start Erin was able to channel their energy into their artwork.  Her patience and enthusiastic attitude endeared her to the boys immediately.  She really works with each student and recognizes their level of ability, while gently pushing to the next level.  We now have a playroom gallery filled with colorful canvases that the boys created under Erin’s guidance.  It’s amazing to see their abilities improve so quickly!  

As an added benefit,  Erin’s ability to teach them technique has vastly improved their motor skills.  When attending school conferences, both of the boys’ teachers commented on their artistic abilities and attention to detail.  Homework that requires drawing was once a very painful and frustrating experience, however now it is a confidence booster and source of pride!

Erin is a pleasure; flexible, professional and overall just very nice to deal with each week.  She is wonderful with the kids and we whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone thinking of taking art classes!”

     ~Michelle, Jack and Colin’s Mom