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Real Estate Photography

The first thing prospective buyers see when viewing a website, brochure, or magazine is THE PICTURE!

Hiring a professional photographer is one of the best investments you can make towards the sale of a house whether you’re a Realtor, or an owner attempting to sell your home yourself. The initial images that a potential purchaser sees are what draw them in and inspire them to call you for an appointment.  They have to be able to “picture” themselves living there.  Where the image is seen is irrelevant, a website, brochure, newspaper, magazine, etc. It’s what they see that’s important.  Photography done by a professional eliminates poorly lit rooms, narrow shots, pixilated or out of focus views and makes any home look dramatically different from pictures taken with your cell phone or even a good camera.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.


A professional photographer with the right camera, lenses, lighting, tripod, software & expertise will help you reach your goal:THE SALE OF THE PROPERTY!

Making Houses Look Like “Homes!”

$84.95 for homes under 3,000 sq ft.

$99.95 for homes between 3,000 and 5,000 sq ft.

$149.95 for homes over 5,000 sq ft.

20 Photos minimum per home.  A mix of interior and exterior shots. Usually 1-4 photos/room

You receive both Hi- Resolution and Low- Resolution (for MLS) pictures to use as you choose.

2 day turn around. (Pictures taken on Wednesday will be sent on Friday.)

Outside a 10 mile radius of Little Falls?  Add $20+ (see the map below, call for details)

Rush Jobs? Add $50. (24 hour turn around.)

Pricing Information

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